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Resolution update.

Last year's resolutions were as follows:

1. Find an agent, or failing that, find a publisher for Samuel's Girl. Revise it as much as necessary to achieve this.

2. Lose some weight.

3. Spend less (my personal favourite).


Resolution 1: fail.  I have no agent or publisher as yet. It's Stumpy's fault because he's cleared off to become some kind of rabid political commentator and left me to do all the work, plus training a replacement.

Resolution 2: Success! I have lost weight, again it's Stumpy's fault because of all the running around I've had to do. I could stand to lose a little more though.

Resolution 3: Success! 

Two out of three. Not bad.


I am going to keep all these the same for this year. I still have to complete #1, while #2 and #3  are worth continuing.

Besides, it saves me the bother of thinking up new ones.

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